Virtual Office

Today's changing occupational ecology has led to an increasing number of entrepreneurs and teleworkers, so "virtual offices" are emerging. In addition to reducing costs for businesses, what other reasons do "virtual offices" make them so popular? So let's look at what virtual offices are and what the benefits are.


What is a virtual office? 

Virtual offices are "business addresses provided by operators" and companies that do not require fixed office locations, such as startups or freelance workers, can solve the problems of registration, mail signing and customer reception through "virtual offices".


Who is the virtual office for? 

The greatest advantage of virtual offices is that they can save huge amounts of money, which is a good option for "businesses that don't need to stay in the company for long periods of time, but who need to connect with customers" or "startup entrepreneurs" and "homemade companies".


Registered address and mail collection service:

Under the provisions of the Hong Kong (Companies Ordinance), a company incorporated in Hong Kong must have an address in Hong Kong, acting as the address of the company's place of registration office.


Requirements for registered addresses: 

P.O.Boxes cannot be used as registered addresses.


What the registered address does: 

Apart from being the legal deposit aryed by the company's statutory record book, the company registration address is also the delivery address of letters and legal documents of the Hong Kong Government, and the relevant government departments will visit the registered address from time to time.


CR EASY can assist:

Customers may choose to use our address as yourc ompany's registration address, during the service period, the Company will accept and send all commercial letters and parcels on your behalf.


For data on CR EASY's "registered" and "mail collection" services, please contact our professional consultant and we will provide you with free consulting services.