Under the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance, the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department issues tax returns to individuals, sole proprietors, joint ventures, property owners and limited companies every year, and the person concerned must complete the tax returns and return them to the Inland Revenue Department before the deadline.


Companies or individuals who lack tax expertise often face prosecution, fines or overpayment of tax for misfilling or missing information. With our team's extensive knowledge and experience in taxation, we will certainly be able to help your company properly handle the tax, avoid all kinds of unnecessary annoyances, so that you can be more focused on business development.


Tax services include

- Filing and filing of various tax returns (unlimited corporate tax returns)

- Estimatedtaxes to make you more prepared 

- Personal income taxation 

- As your tax representative, answer your tax questions, appeals, objections, tax refunds, etc.

- Advice on tax arrangements

- Assist customers to handle Tax Office related issues


Tax Returns