Company Secretary

When registering a company in Hong Kong, I believe many people are no strangers to the word "secretary", And according to the Hong Kong government, the establishment of a Hong Kong Limited company must have a  statutory secretary in Hong Kong.


The statutory secretary of a Hong Kong company is like a "spokesman" for overseas people in Hong Kong. It must be a Hong Kong resident or  company, so that the purpose of the request is to facilitate contact with the Government and to process correspondence between the company and the Government. Although the statutory secretary does not have direct control or ownership ofthe company, if the company has problems, the statutory secretary is responsible for certain responsibilities.


The function of the legal secretary service in Hong Kong is different from the business secretary we know. The legal secretary is a company registered in Hong Kong. It must exist according to legal requirements, so do not treat the legal secretary of a Hong Kong company as a business secretary who handles business for the company every day.