Company Registration

When setting up a company, you may wonder what is the difference between Limited and unlimited?


The two are mainly the shareholders of the limited company to the limit of capital contribution, the company is responsible, that is, the company in the event of a loss shareholders' personal assets will not be affected, and the unlimited company owner's liability is not capped, that is, if the company loses, the owner must be fully responsible.


In terms of legal status, a limited company belongs to a legal entity with independent legal status, but unlimited companies can only operate in the name of partners or private individuals, so it is more convenient to work with other companies.


Limited VS Unlimited 


Unlimited Company - Hong Kong

Under the Business Registration Ordinance, the applicant must be a holder of a "Hong Kong Resident Identity Card" or a "Hong Kong Permanent Resident Identity Card". If you are interested in applying for an unlimited company, you can submit it via CR EASY, and the applicant will need to complete the application form with a copy of your ID card submitted by CR EASY.


Required files:

- Copy of ID card 

- Proof of address for the last three months

- A registered address or an optional CR EASY service 

- Chinese and English names for the new company


Limited Company- Hong Kong

- The name of the new company in China and the UK

- Hong Kong Identity Card or Passport (Non-Hong Kong People') - Proof of address of shareholders and directors for the last three months

- A registered address or an optional CR EASY service