BOS Accounting

Under the law, business in Hong Kong, whether limited or unlimited, is required to keep appropriate records of its income and expenditure. The Company provides accounting services to ensure that clients comply with Hong Kong law requirements. 


The customer only needs to give us the income and expenditure documents on a regular basis, we will be on time to organize the account, and report to the household.


Service features: 

- Monthly charges, customers have the flexibility to estimate expenses

- Reasonable charges, no overcharge 

- Computer billing for easy storage 

- Provision of tax calculations and submission to the Tax Office 

- To reduce the capital of customers and increase their competitiveness


What the service is: 

- Organize documents and prepare all kinds of summonses

- Computer accounting, production of general ledgers, cash accounts, bank accounts, accounts 

receivable and accounts payable, etc.

- Bank reconciliation 

- Production of financial statements

- Tax calculations and submissions to the Tax Office are available for unlimited companies. Auditing will be arranged for limited companies.


Time to complete:

- Monthly accounting: about 1-2 weeks

- Quarterly and annual: about 4-6 weeks